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Wireless Temperature Sensor With Alarm

  • Specifications
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor With Alarm
  • ● Detect temperature from normal down to 13°C/5°C (55.4?F/41?F) or from normal rise to 35°C (95?F) will send wireless trigger signal and activate 45 seconds alarm.
  • ● 13°C/5°C (55.4?F/41?F) cold temperature select switch(mid temperature: 13°C (55.4?F)to be used in environment for elderly and ill people; freezing warning 5°C (41?F) for pipe freezing protection).
  • ● Built-in 35°C (95?F) high temperature warning for the elderly, pets and to protect the home
  • ● External temperature detector with 1 meter wire
  • ● Built-in 90dB alarm
  • ● Alarm On/Off switch
  • ● Power On/Off switch
  • ● Test switch
  • ● Battery low indication LED
  • ● 3 AAA size batteries operation (not included)
  • ● Detect temperature accuracy:≤ ±1.5°C
  • ● Temperature detect sampling rate: once a minute
  • ● Battery life ≥1 year
  • ● Wireless signal transmission distance approximately 40~70 meters
  • ● Send wireless trigger signal compatible auto dialer or wireless outdoor siren (526L, 527SL) or alarm receiver (639S,625RX)

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