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Model 625 Garage Open Alert

  • Specifications
  • Model 625 Garage Open Alert
  • ●Detected garage door open sending wireless radio signal to trigger receiver activates alert
  • ●3V lithium battery (CR2032) operation (included)
  • ●External terminal compatible wired magnetic sensor (included) for normal door
  • ●battery low indicator LED
  • ●IP44 water resistant
  • ●Wireless RF transmission distance about 20~40 meters (open space) Receiver:
  • ●Receiver sensor trigger signal activates alert and LED flash
  • ●Power on/off switch
  • ●Sound on/off switch
  • ●6 sound for optional and easily distinguish trigger sensor
  • ●Compatible additional up to 6 wireless sensor
  • ●3“C”size batteries operation (not included) with DC jack
  • ●Battery low indicator L .ED for transmitter and receiver
  • ●In-use indicator LED

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