Talent Concept
People-oriented, insist on innovation! Keep making progress, keep improving!
Lelux follows "Let the right people do the right things" in the employment standards. Have both ability and political integrity, with morality first; value academic qualifications, not only academic qualifications; value experience, not only experience; suitable for people and positions, and use as their place.

A sound promotion channel and training mechanism provide a multi-directional talent training path such as technology and management;

Purchase social insurance after employment;

Enjoy various benefits such as working age allowance, year-end bonus, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and other paid holidays and statutory holidays;

Free board and lodging, with toilets and shower rooms; equipped with air-conditioning and WIFI;

Enjoy Longfeng Villa Annual Card;

Regularly carry out various festive cultural activities, special evenings, happy trips, and distribute various gifts on major holidays.

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Join Lelux, a successful choice, a bright future, a successful choice, a bright future
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