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Product Name: Auto dialer with Temperature Detector Sensor
Product Code: MOEDL 763TD55

*Detect tempreature from normal down to 13℃/5℃ (55℉/41℉)or from normal rise to 35℃(95℉)will     
 send wireless trigger signal auto dialer and activate alarm.                                                 
 *3 AAA size batteries operation (not included) for temperature detector sensor                      
 *Detect temperature accuracy:  +/- 1℃                                                                      
 *RF transmit range about 40~60 meters                                                                   
 *16 digit large number display with date/time and function icon                                           
 *9 zone icon for easy differentiating intruder location                                              
 *Room monitor by telephone function                                                           
 *Remote turn system to ARM or DISARM by telephone function                                                  
 *Programmable security code,entry delay timing,dialing cycle                                   
 *5 emergency telephone numbers (up to 32 digits each)                                  
 *DTMF(Tone) dialing only                                                                    
 *Auto dialer unit built-in 105dB alarm (with programmable alarm on/off)                         
 *AC adaptor operated (included) with 9V battery back-up (not included)                                
 *Auto dialer unit compatible with additional up to 16wireless motion detector sensor or wireless    
  window/door sensor and 8 wireless remote control or wireless control AC socket or wired sensor to   
  expanding the system

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