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Product Name: Wireless Security/Safety Alarm System With Auto Dialer
Product Code: Model T018RSK5

*  Detects Motion or Door/Window Open Activates Auto-dialer and Alarm
*  16 Digits  Number Large Display with Date/Time and Function Icon
*  9 Zone Icon for Easy Differentiating Intruder Location
*  Room Monitor and Broadcast by Telephone Function
*  Remote Turn System to  ARM or DISARM by Telephone Function
*  Programmable Security Code, Entry Delay Timing
*  5 Emergency Telephone Numbers (Up to 32 Digits Each)
*  Programmable Auto Dialling Cycle
*  5 Trigger Recorder with Zone Indication for Alarm Mode
*  Built-in Flash Memory to Protect System Data for Power Failure
*  Battery Low Indicator
*  DTMF(Tone )Dialling Only
*  Home Mode Function
*  Built-in 105 dB Alarm (with Programmable Alarm On / Off)
*  Trigger AC Socket by Radio Linked Function
*  Compatible with Additional  Up to 16 Wireless PIR Sensor or Wireless Window/Door Sensor and 8 Wireless Remote Control or Wireless Control AC Socket or Wired Sensor to Expanding the system
*  System Components:
- 1 x Main unit
- 1 x Wireless Motion Detector Sensor
- 1 x Wireless Magnetic Door/Window Sensor with Alarm
- 1 x Radio Linked Remote Control
- 1 x AC Adaptor

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