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Product Name: Wireless Security/Safety Alarm System With Auto Dialer
Product Code: Model T056SR

Main Unit:
*  Motion sensor detecting motion or received sensor trigger signal activates auto-dialer and alarm  
*  16 digit large number display with date /time and function icon
*  9 zone icon for easy differentating intruder location
*  Room monitor by telephone function
*  Romote turn system to ARM or DISARM by telephone function
*  Programmable security code, exit delay timing, entry delay timing, calling cycle
*  5 emergency telephone numbers (up to 32 digits each)
*  5 trigger recorder with zone indication for alarm mode
*  Built-in flash memory to protect system data for power failure
*  Battery low indicator
*  DTMF(Tone)dialing only
Home mode function
*  Adjustable sensor head
*  Built-in 105dB alarm (with programmable alarm on/off)
*  AC adaptor operation (included)with 9v batteries back-up (not included)
*  Send wireless signal control outdoor siren or AC socket or lampholder functiom
*  Compatible with additional up to 16 wireless motion detector sensor or wireless window/door sensor and 8  wireless remote control or wireless control AC socket or wired sensor to EXPAND the system

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