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Wireless Security/Safety Alarm System with Auto Dialer
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Wireless Security/Safety Alarm System with Auto Dialer

Product Code: Model T058RP5W1

* Received wireless sensor trigger signal activates auto-dialer and alarm
* 16 Digit large number display with date/time and function icon
* 9 zone icon for easy differentiating intruder location
- From Zone 1 to Zone 7, each can separately learn one wireless sensor ID code for each to trigger the system (While In Arm Mode)  
- Zone 8S  can learn 8 wireless sensor ID code to trigger the system in arm mode
- Zone 24H (24 hours standby) can learn 8 wireless sensor ID code to trigger the system in arm or disarm mode.
* Room monitor and broadcast by telephone function
* Remote turn system to ARM or DISARM by telephone function
* Programmable security code, entry delay timing, dialing cycle
* 5 emergency telephone numbers (up to 32 digits each)
* 5 Trigger recorder with zone indication for alarm mode
* Built-in flash memory to protect system data for power failure
* Battery Low indicator
* DTMF(Tone )dialing only
* Home mode function
* Lighted keypad
* Built-in 105 dB alarm (with programmable alarm on/off)
* AC adaptor operated (included) with 9V battery back-up (not included)
* Wall mountable
* Compatible with additional up to 23 wireless motion detector sensor or wireless window/door sensor and 8 wireless remote control or wireless control AC socket or wired sensor to expanding the system
* Wireless remote control for ARM/DISARM/PANIC

Wireless Motion Detector Sensor
*   Detect Motion Output Wireless Radio Signal
*  Swivel Wall Mount Bracket Kit
*  3 "AAA" Batteries Operation (Not Included)
*  Wireless RF Transmission UP To 50~70 Meters
*  Battery Low Indicator LED
*  Motion Detection Range UP To 8 Meters
*  Motion Detection Angle UP To 110 Degree

Wireless Slim Door/window Sensor
      Detect Door/Window open output wireless trigger signal
      2 AAA size batteries operation (not Included)
      Low power consumption--- Long battery life
      Wireless RF transmission about 40~70 meters
      Battery low indicator LED
      Magnetic switch left/right side either way is workable
      Compatible with additional wire magnetic sensor

Wireless Remote control:
*  Wireless Remote control for Arm/Disarm/Panic
*  1 Button Cell Batteries Operation(included)
*  Wireless transmission Distance about 20-40 Meters

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